5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter Weather

The cold weather is coming, and your vehicle needs to be ready for it. When conditions turn harsh, you and your family’s safety rely on being properly prepared for winter weather. Getting everything done on your car in advance helps ensure that an unexpected cold snap or snowstorm won’t leave you stranded in a storm.

1. Winter Tires

Did you know they’re not just for snow! Winter tires use a softer rubber compound that helps them grip cold or icy pavement, and they do a better job than all-season tires any time the temperature drops below 7C. Their stronger tread also pushes away slush and snow to help prevent sliding.

2. Wiper Blades

Streaks on your windshield can obstruct your vision, especially when you’re driving into the glare of winter sunshine. Replace your blades any time they’re cracked or torn, if they don’t clear the glass completely, or if they bump or chatter. The rubber eventually gets hard from exposure to sun and weather, and it’s reasonable to have to change your blades at least twice a year. Remember to change the rear wiper blade on SUVs and hatchbacks, too.

3. Battery

The majority of pre-owned vehicle buyers require evidence of their vehicles history of service. They do this with the goal of purchasing a vehicle that was cared for properly and kept in good condition. Regular vehicle servicing and maintaining service records provides purchasers with evidence that your vehicle has been well taken care of and has not undergone any major repairs. This is what sets apart one comparably priced and used vehicle from another.

4. Oil Change

It’s essential that oil flows quickly through your engine when you start it, to prevent wear and damage, but oil that isn’t formulated for winter can thicken in cold temperatures. Have your oil changed to low-viscosity oil such as Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy synthetic oil, which flows rapidly to provide protection. Since it reduces friction, it can also help improve fuel economy. Changing your oil as recommended in all seasons will keep your engine clean and help it last longer.

5. Winter Washer Fluid

 Winter-specific fluid resists freezing and is formulated to clean away winter grime such as road salt. Always carry a spare jug so you don’t run out. Never use plain water, which will freeze and damage the washer pump.